Hello there, I’m Terri, and I’m so glad you’ve landed on my website. If you’re here, chances are you’ve experienced a loss, or you’re looking to support someone who has. I want you to know that you’re not alone, and I’m here to walk beside you on this challenging journey.

So, why do I do what I do? Because I know how paralyzing and isolating grief can be. I’m incredibly passionate about bringing comfort, understanding, and guidance to those who are navigating the complexities of loss. My goal is to help you heal, thrive, and find a sense of peace and gratitude, even after the unimaginable has happened. Life will never be the same, but together we can find a new normal that’s filled with love, purpose, and joy.

I specialize in serving individuals who’ve experienced various kinds of loss, whether it’s the death of a loved one, loss of a beloved pet, divorce, or any major life change. No two grief journeys are the same, and I offer personalized coaching sessions designed to meet your unique needs and emotional state. You’ll find a safe space here to express your feelings, explore your thoughts, and take constructive steps toward healing.

Now, how do I help? Well, through private coaching sessions, my group coaching program, and valuable courses, we’ll delve into effective coping mechanisms, emotional resilience, and even finding gratitude amidst the grief. I also share insights from my own experiences and the wisdom I’ve gained from supporting countless others, providing you with actionable steps you can take to better your life, day by day.

After losing my first husband in 2005 and my son in 2012, I learned that grief is a deeply personal and complex experience that can leave one feeling lost, alone, overwhelmed, and uncertain about the future. My goal as a Certified Master Grief Coach, is to provide support as you process your grief in a safe, nurturing environment and work together to create a roadmap for your personal healing journey.

I have also created Healing Hearts Community, a space to connect compassionate souls on the journey to healing and wholeness. Healing Hearts is more than just a community; it’s a warm, welcoming embrace for individuals navigating the challenging journey of grief. In this close-knit online space, we come together to provide solace, understanding, and guidance. We’re a support network, a place to share stories, and most importantly, a source of hope. Grief is hard and can often leave us feeling alone and isolated. You don’t have to do it alone.

Thank you for considering Healing Hearts and Living in Gratitude with TLC as a stepping stone on your path to healing. Your journey may be difficult, but remember, it’s okay not to be okay. Reach out when you’re ready, and let’s work together to build a life that honors both your loss and your limitless potential for happiness and growth. Feel free to explore the website for more info, visit my online community, Healing Hearts, or schedule your complimentary discovery call today. 💜

As a contributing Author in the #1 Best Seller, Unstoppable, I desire to share my story of loss, grief, and resiliency in order to offer hope to others who have suffered a loss or undergone a major life change. I believe that if we embrace healing while keeping our heart and mind open, we can experience resilience in the most unexpected ways and overcome the negative feelings associated with our loss.

This book is a collaboration of 25 phenomenal women sharing their personal story of overcoming adversity to become a successful woman in business.

Disclaimer: If you are experiencing anything life-threatening or feel you may be a danger to yourself or others, seek professional treatment immediately. Living in Gratitude with TLC does not guarantee results as they will vary based on the individual. By exercising your sole discretion to use any information or participate in any services, you acknowledge that they are not intended to be a replacement for qualified professional behavioral or medical treatment of any mental disorder or physical condition. You are solely responsible for your own interpretation and judgment of information and services provided and in control of how you act upon that information. Living in Gratitude with TLC is not liable for the choices of each client and therefore each client agrees to hold Living in Gratitude with TLC harmless and indemnify it or its affiliates from all liability.

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