Choose Your Hard: Navigating the Path of Grief

Welcome to a heartfelt discussion about the intricacies of grief and what it means to choose your hard. I’m Terri, your grief coach from Tampa, Florida, and today, we’ll delve into the profound concept that surrounds the experience of loss and healing.

Choose Your Hard:

Grief is undeniably challenging, and the journey it takes us on can be incredibly demanding. But there’s a powerful truth encapsulated in the phrase “Choose Your Hard.” It reminds us that while grieving is undeniably difficult, so is resisting it. Let’s explore this notion further.

  1. The Hard of Grief: Grief is often overwhelming, a whirlwind of emotions that can feel impossible to navigate. The pain, sorrow, and emptiness can be all-consuming. However, embracing this difficulty allows us to honor our feelings and memories, which is an essential part of healing.
  2. The Hard of Avoidance: On the flip side, avoiding grief can also be profoundly challenging. Suppressing our emotions, pretending everything is fine, or refusing to confront our loss can lead to long-term emotional and even physical consequences. It’s a different kind of hard—one that can lead to regrets and unresolved issues.
  3. The Power of Choice: Choosing our hard means acknowledging that both paths have their difficulties. It means allowing ourselves to grieve, to feel the pain, but also recognizing that healing is possible. It’s about taking an active role in our own recovery and seeking support when needed.
  4. The Importance of Support: As a grief coach, I’ve seen the incredible impact of support systems. Friends, family, support groups, and professionals like myself are here to help you navigate the hard of grief. Don’t hesitate to lean on your loved ones and seek guidance when needed.

In the world of grief, the choice is indeed yours. You can choose the hard of grieving, which leads to healing, growth, and a deeper appreciation of life’s fragility. Or you can choose the hard of avoidance, which can prolong suffering and hinder your ability to move forward.

Remember, it’s okay to ask for help, and it’s okay to feel the pain. By choosing the hard of embracing grief, you’re also choosing the path towards healing, resilience, and eventually, a life where you can cherish the memories of your loved one while embracing the present.

So, when it comes to grief, choose your hard wisely, and know that you have the strength to navigate this challenging but transformative journey.

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I am a dedicated professional who desires to help others through my extensive knowledge and personal experience with loss, grief and overcoming adversity. As a Master Grief Coach and Strategic Life Coaching Practitioner, I support others who are feeling stuck in life or grief, specifically. In my coaching sessions, we will work together to take a deep dive to uncover any limiting beliefs that may be holding you back, set attainable goals, and learn to master your emotions and mindset.

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