Healing Hearts Community

Discover a Place Where Grief Meets Understanding and Growth

Healing Hearts is more than just a community; it’s a sanctuary where individuals touched by loss come together to share, learn, and grow. Our aim is to transform the experience of grief into a journey of healing, self-discovery, and connection

Explore the Heart of Our Community

Gain exclusive access to our membership community with enrollment in either our private or group coaching programs or purchase a stand alone membership. With your membership you will gain:

  • Full Membership in Healing Hearts Community: Gain complete access to a supportive, understanding group of individuals who are also navigating their grief journeys.
  • Access to Specialized Spaces: Explore dedicated areas within the community, each focusing on different types of loss, providing targeted support and shared experiences.
  • Personal Profile Creation: Create your own profile to share your story, connect with others, and build meaningful relationships within the community.
  • Interaction with Fellow Members: Engage in conversations, share experiences, and offer support, making connections with those who truly understand the path of loss and healing.
  • Comprehensive Grief Support and Education: Access a wealth of resources including articles and expert-led discussions to educate and guide you through various aspects of grief.
  • Healing Activities and Resources: Participate in activities designed to promote healing, such as workshops, journaling prompts, and group discussions.

Ready to Begin Your Healing Journey?

Take the first step towards healing and growth. Join Healing Hearts and find a compassionate circle where your grief is acknowledged, your stories are heard, and your healing is nurtured.

Your Path, Your Choice: Explore Our Healing Programs

Join our Healing Hearts Community, where every member is on a journey of healing and growth. Here, you’ll find more than just support; you’ll discover a family of hearts, each sharing their unique stories of loss and resilience. In our diverse spaces, we explore different types of loss, offering tailored support for your specific journey. Create your profile, share your story, and connect with others who are walking a similar path.

Feeling lost in grief? Take the first step toward healing with Grief to Growth, a self-paced course designed for your personal journey. Learn to experience joy while honoring your loss, and discover emotional tools to transform your life. Start healing at your own speed, in your own time. Your brighter future awaits.

Join our 6-month group grief coaching program, designed to offer not only support but also transformative tools for coping with loss. We provide a compassionate space where you’ll feel seen, heard, and nurtured. Meeting weekly via Zoom, you’ll dive deep into personalized exercises, open dialogues, and mindfulness techniques that facilitate healing and growth. Plus, gain access to our exclusive online community, Healing Hearts, where you can connect with others who understand your journey, 24/7. Empower yourself to heal, thrive, and embrace life after loss in a way that honors both you and your loved one.

Step into a journey of transformation with our private grief coaching program, complete with the added embrace of our exclusive Healing Hearts Community. In this program, over the course of twelve personalized sessions, conducted with the intimacy and focus of one-on-one attention, you’ll discover not just a path through grief but a passage to renewal. Whether connecting through the clarity of a Zoom call or the closeness of a telephone conversation, these sessions promise a safe haven for your healing.