What Other’s Say About Tyler

Journal entry from Cpl Shaun Carberry

Journal entry from Tyler’s teacher

Journal entry from Cpl Peg Smolarsky

Article from The County Times
Story from The Times Chronicles

“Mr. and Mrs. Chaplin, I am so sorry for your loss. I watched Tyler grow through his time at Esperanza where I teach. He was a wonderful, genuine and kind young man. He will greatly be missed.”

 “Terri and Family, We are going to miss seeing Tyler in our neighborhood. As others have said just remember the good times that you and Tyler have shared. One thing is for sure he loved you so very much. Let God help you through these troubling times. We are here when you need us.”

“Terri, We are so sorry for your loss. Tyler was such a wonderful young man and Terri you and him together made up a loving mother and son bond that will live on forever. You know you are in our prayers. “

“We will be so lost not having Tyler at the Cafe anymore..he was so special and will be dearly missed..this is a very sad time for all.”

 “I have no word’s that could ever express the magnitude of emotions that I feel. Tyler, in my opinion, was the perfect example of what every mother would want their child to be. I am so fortunate to have been part of his life on this earth. “Rest in Peace” Deputy Sherriff Tyler Brett Mattingly!You are loved and forever missed. “

“Terri & Family, May God Cradle you in HIS arms. I remember Tyler when he was young enough to be called Master Tyler. He always had a warm hug and special smile.”

 “Terri and family, We are devastated over the loss of your son, Tyler. He was respected and loved by all of us who were fortunate enough to have had an opportunity to work with him. He possessed a wisdom and maturity far beyond his years. My deepest sympathy,”

 “To the Ms. Terri Lyn and family, My heartfelt condolences to you and the rest of the family. Tyler had been such a wonderful student in my classroom. I am pretty sure he is in a much better place now. May he rest in peace. “

“Terri, Hazel, & Family, words can not express how sorry I am for your loss. Tyler was such a sweet boy. Saturday mornings will never be the same without seeing him at the salon. My heart goes out to all of you.”

“Tyler.. You were an awesome friend.. We really Had A Great Friendship. We Met Our 9th grade year. We had Mr. Weaver for our physics teacher. We always worked hand in hand. We would always be partners for our lab work no matter what. I remember on our final project we did, when i brought in candy we would pick the candy off and laugh at each other, knowing that we were messing that poor project up. We had the greatest relationship together. I was a great friend to you and you definitely were a great friend to me. When i seen you in the hallway i remember you said ” Go Tiyona.. Looking like a kingsize bag off skittles”.. lol :D… You Always did know how to brighten my day.. I am really going to miss you Tyler. I Will Never Ever Forget You! You really meant a lot to my Tyler. I just got my first car. & I named it after you! To Mrs. Terri & Family, My heart goes out to you. Your Son Was A Wonderful Person, And I Was A Witness To That. He Was Well Educated And Smart, I Know That For Sure! In Physics He Was My Wiz, My Team Member, My Friend, My Shoulder To Cry On When I Didn’t Understand Things. And Now He Is My Angel! I Love You Tyler! R.I.P.”

“Tyler’s Family, My deepest condolence goes out to you. I will always remember seeing him smile in the hallways at Great Mills. I will never forget that. Now he is a very special Angel watching over you. Rest Easy Tyler. “